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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thai Foods for Sex Efficiency

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Some said “Man-wish is destiny, honor, immortal and full of sex efficiency."

Greatest fear of men is flabbiness of sex efficiency or Erectile Dysfunction (ED). So if they hear about medicine or anything which can help them more powerful of sex, they will find it to try. Don’t care about the price or difficulty of finding because they think “Sex is men’s life”. You can notice that once Food and Drug Administration of America allowed for using “Viagra formulary” of Pfizer Company, in second week after appear on the market, it was sold to patient about 36,809 people in 8-12 USD per one pill.

It has Chinese proverb said “Full and naked girl can built the feeling of man-wish”. Sure! Hungriness will make you have no feeling to do anything except find something to eat. So it’s important that your full should be the foods for nourishing your sex efficiency.

This is list of Thailand’s food for nourish your sex efficiency.

1. Garlic and pepper
Garlic has Aliin nutrition and pepper has Myrystin nutrition for stimulate sex-wish. You can prove by eat garlic and pepper a lot for a while and stop eat for 1-2 weeks then compare by yourself, it work or not.

2. Banana
It has a lot of Potassium nutrition that can help nervous and muscle system good work.

3. Carrot and tomato
It has a lot of Beta Carotene nutrition that can stimulate the process of building testosterone in man.

4. Oyster
It has high zinc mineral which can stimulate the process of building testosterone in man but do not forget that it’s also high cholesterol so you should eat with sea fish which has good fatty acid.
In fact every kind of seafood is well-known for nourishing sex efficiency.

5. Seed of pumpkin
It was said that it can treated power of sex and support the process of building hormone in prostate gland. If you eat 50 g. per day it can maintain your prostate gland work good when old and prevent you from prostate gland cancer.

Moreover spinach, yolk, soft-boiled egg, seaweed, ginger, black grape, black cherry etc. are within the scope of food for sex. Also oil from bran wheat which high vitamin E Lecethin; the factor of sperm so it’s believed that can treat your sex efficiency.

Vitamin and mineral for nourish your sex efficiency.

1. Vitamin B
It can help you has a good feeling and strong muscle. It’s found in grain such as coarse rice, seaweed, tofu, liver, bean, and green vegetable etc.

2. Vitamin C
It has substance for anti-oxidant for prevent oldness of body and built immunity that’s make you have a good health and sure good sex. It’s found in sour fruit and vegetable such as guava, lemon, orange, star fruit etc.

3. Vitamin E
It was said that “Vitamin for sex” because it reinforce the strong of cells in body, built hormone and prevent the oldness of cells. It’s found in spinach, sun flower seed, cod-liver oil etc.

4. Zinc mineral
It’s the most important for built testosterone. It’s found in mango, pineapple, sun flower seed, pumpkin seed, green bean, shallot etc.

5. Calcium mineral
It increase the strong of bone and help nervous system normally work and response of stimulus. It’s found in fishbone, milk, sticky rice, coarse rice etc.

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Li Fang Wei said...

Wow such a useful information hehehe thanks a lot for your sharing I will try all of those you recommended then wait and see hehehe “Full and naked girl can built the feeling of man-wish” what's about naked guy??? anyway your article is very very good and I have a question.. umm Is sex is gal's life also... In my opinion Sex is human's life I mean majority except those who's in monkhood or nun bla bla bla

8:30 PM


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